Happiness generator:

Look for something good around you.

Any simple thing.

For instance, you can just look around and find something that you like to look at.
Or recognize some good in someone.
Or feel something good in yourself.

Maybe just reflect that you finished a cycle of action.
It can be as simple as having finished the dishes,
or straightened your desktop,
or your countertop.

Anything good around you.

Typically something small,
but notice big good things when you stumble across them, too.

When you notice something, whatever good thing it is,
then let yourself feel something about it.
Don’t just brush it off, like, “meh; whatever.”
Instead, just notice it.
To yourself, at least.
Just notice it.
“Feel” it.

Just take it in.
Just for 5 or 10 seconds.
Help it become part of your experience.
Help it get inside your experiences of your day.
Help it get inside you.

Think of it becoming part of your structure or function.
Think of it as an input of something good into yourself.
Into your self.

You can even think of another copy of it, identical to it,
and put it into yourself. And another copy. And another.
Like just push those good things into your self.

Then think of what about this thing you are grateful for.

Better yet, WRITE what about it you are grateful for.
Just scratch it into a note in your phone.
Or onto a piece of scratch paper.
Or into a journal.

A quick notation of your gratitude is a never-fail happiness increaser.

Go for writing three a day.

Happiness to you, from you.

Into you.

(And from me.)

With love.


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