Dying To Be Me, by Anita Moorjani

This. Watch. This.

I can tell you from personal, first-hand experience that you do not have to die to leave your body.

Further, once you leave your body fully enough to experience even portions of what Anita experienced, you will inevitably have more joy and more love—both to experience for yourself and to flow to others.

Now get this: with that experience, you come to fully understand where love comes from. Then you have an endless supply of it. Truly endless. (Though that does not mean you owe it to anyone but yourself. Give it if you are inclined, but never because you are expected to. Just sayin.)

Now do not turn that into, “I must leave my body to have that experience, or to understand the above.” No. Not true. An experience of leaving of your body will indeed certainly make for a magnificent understanding of it; however, to understand it more gradually, you do not have to leave your body. The route to that more gradual understanding begins with simply looking. Just look at it; look for it; see if you can find any of it to be true for you. (And if not, look at what about it is not true for you. Just look. Look honestly. Be honest with yourself, and only yourself, about it. Start by looking.)

One last caveat: going into a coma is no guarantee you will leave your body. Skip the damn coma. But do recognize that anyone you know who is in a coma may be this super-conscious; and even if they are not this super-conscious, their ears still work.

I invite conversation about my personal experiences. I’d love to listen to you!

Let’s discuss love, life, smarts.

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