I’m in a committed relationship that could use some more or new life force.

If you want to change the world, love a man ~ really love him.

Choose the one, whose soul calls to yours clearly,
Who sees you; who is brave enough to be afraid.
Accept his hand and guide him gently to your heart’s blood,
Where he can feel your warmth upon him and rest … Read more

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Go back; try again, Love, God

My six word story submission.… Read more

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Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick and Fat

Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick and Fat

1. Eggs Are Bad For Your Health

Eggs are so incredibly nutritious that they’re often called “nature’s multivitamin.”

The nutrients in them are enough to turn a single cell into an … Read more

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Years ago, I would look at people

Years ago, I would look at people and ask myself whether they liked me.

I eventually learned to instead ask myself whether I like them.

I like you.… Read more

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What I want for Christmas.

What I really want, from all of my loved ones, is:

I want you to raid my refrigerator.

I want you to keep coming around; at least message me, preferably with photos, when you can’t visit or meet me.

I … Read more

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I put extra time and effort into the big meal this Thanksgiving Day.


First, I brined the turkey. I’ve never done that before. I’ll never fail to again. It certainly made the turkey moister. (I like that word.) Irrefutably.

I didn’t let it soak overnight, though. It soaked in the brine about five … Read more

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A zen master once told me, “Do the opposite of what I tell you.”

So I don’t.
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